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Paula Gómez Vela

  • Superior Architect (2000) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • Doctorate in Biomedicine (PhD) (2021) Excellent Cum Laude. European University. “Effect of light and colour in hospital environments to reduce stress levels and improve quality of life in cancer patients”.
  • Master in Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainability (2018) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • Scholarship holder at Oxford Brookes University (UK) 1997-1998.
  • Since 2013 she has been a lecturer and researcher at the European University. Specialist in Architecture for Health: Evidence Based Design (EBD), Neuroarchitecture and Colour Psychology.
  • In 2015, she created the brand Vela Design I+D coordinating and designing architecture projects, Healing Environments and research following the Scientific Method (EBD). For Hospital and Educational Environments.
  • Advisor on the drafting of the 2016-2019 Humanisation Plan for the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health.


From 2004 to 2019, in Vela & Salvador arquitectos SLP, projects in the main Hospitals and public and private clinics of each Community of the Spanish Geography: Servicio Galego Saude, Government of Asturias, Osakidetza-Euskadi, Generalitat Catalunya, Ib-Salut Illes Ballears, Generalitat Valenciana, Salud Madrid, SACYL (Health Service of Castilla y León), Sescam (Health Service of Castilla la Mancha), Consejería Sanidad de la Junta de Andalucía, Servicio Murciano de Salud, Servicio Gobierno Canario de Salud. (Adult and Paediatric Oncology Units, Day Hospitals, ALE Radiotherapy Units, Tac, MRI, Brachytherapy, Emergencies, Operating Theatres, CMA, Adult and Paediatric Hospitalisation).